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When you ride a motorcycle, you automatically become part of something special. Something non-riders simply do not and cannot understand!

You become part of a very special community. One that is open, friendly and supportive. A community that doesn’t care one iota about status, class, income or social standing. One that recognises that its members are alike in one key aspect – a love of riding!

You will discover that other riders nod or wave at you, especially if you’re riding a bike like theirs. Strangers will stop to help you if you have a breakdown, often not accepting any thanks other than a smile and a promise that you will do the same for someone else someday. Complete strangers will come and talk to you as though you were a long-lost friend when you stop at a café or even outside Tescos, recounting tales from their own riding history.

Here at Inner Circle, we are privileged to help you become a member of the family that is motorcycling.

But that’s not enough for us!

We also go that bit further, by organising and running our own series of social events where you can meet new friends and riding buddies.

Here’s a sample of the events we organise, for more information, see our Events Calendar or subscribe to Events on our Facebook page:


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