Riding Tips & Techniques

“Back brake? … never use it!”

“Back brake? Never use it…” That’s a comment I heard recently when taking an experienced rider out for an Enhanced Rider Scheme assessment, and it got me thinking. So many riders learnt to ride before the introduction of the current 2-part practical test with the … [read more]

Winter Riding Tips

As the warmth of one of the best summers for years becomes a fading memory, and the cold, wet, windy weather we are more used to at this time of year becomes the norm, it’s time to remind ourselves of some basic Winter Riding advice. … [read more]

Filtering – the “elephant in the room”

As a motorcyclist I benefit from the superior manoeuvrability of my bike and the ability to avoid being stuck in traffic for hours on end. I can perform a manoeuvre known as “filtering”, which is where I travel in between lines of queueing or slow-moving … [read more]

A Fighter Pilot’s Guide to Surviving on the Roads

As part of our “Improve Your Road Riding Skills” level 1 course we look at the System of Motorcycle Control that is at the heart of advanced riding. The first phase of this system is concerned with Information – the taking, using and giving of … [read more]

Summer Rain, Slippery Roads

With the long period of half-decent weather bringing many more bikes out onto the roads, it’s probably time to remind riders of the dangers posed by summer rain. By danger, I’m not referring to the need to carry waterproofs, or the dangers of soggy underwear … [read more]

Keep it Simple!

Recently I had a discussion with one of our trainees whilst helping him through his Compulsory Basic Training, or CBT as it’s more commonly known. We had just completed part of the 2-hour road ride and were stopped at the roadside discussing how things had … [read more]

Pre-Flight Checks?

Imagine the following scenario. You are about to fly off on a much-needed holiday to the sun. You have boarded the plane, stowed your luggage in the overhead bin, fastened your seatbelt and started to flick through the in-flight manual looking for the list of … [read more]