Advanced Riding Foundation Course

Our Advanced Riding Foundation course is designed to give you a thorough understanding of advanced riding principles and how they are applied to common road and traffic situations.

It is a combined theory and practical course, with an online course in Motorcycle Roadcraft followed by a day and a half of on-road instruction, which are spaced at least a week apart to allow you to practice between sessions.

This course also covers all the Core Modules of the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme, so completion of this course should result in you being awarded an official DVSA Certificate of ERS Completion (we say “should” because you will need to demonstrate riding to ERS standard at the end of the course!).

All 7 Enhanced Rider Scheme Core Modules covered by this course:

  1. Structured planned approach to riding
  2. Defensive riding and hazard awareness
  3. Progress and use of speed
  4. Overtaking – filtering
  5. Bends and corners
  6. Slow control
  7. Developing the correct rider attitude

At the end of this course your riding should be of a standard that equates to an IAM Roadsmart Pass or RoSPA Bronze.

Online Motorcycle Roadcraft course

This online course has been produced by the Police Foundation, the publishers of Motorcycle Roadcraft, the Police Riders’ Handbook, which is the bible of Advanced Riding.

The e-learning platform allows you to access the content of Motorcycle Roadcraft anytime, anywhere. It features study sections that reflect the content of the book, specially filmed clips and knowledge check quizzes, and is a powerful and flexible way to develop an understanding of advanced riding.

Key features

  • Full text and images – the e-learning platform contains the full text and images from the latest edition of Motorcycle Roadcraft
  • Exclusive video clips – contains nine exclusive videos showing key manoeuvres, including limit points and overtaking
  • Interactive quizzes – at the end of each section there are interactive quizzes for you to take to test your knowledge and understanding
  • You can work at your own pace – your licence lasts for 12 months from the first log-in, allowing you to work at your own pace to complete the course, and to re-visit sections later
  • Access the content from anywhere – the e-learning platform is internet based and compatible with any device.
  • Inner Circle Training access – we also have access to a full audit trail of your progress, enabling us to offer support should you be struggling with a particular topic

On-Road Day One

We will schedule day-one of the practical element of the course once you have completed the first 3 chapters of the Online Motorcycle Roadcraft course, which are:

  • Chapter 1 : Becoming a Better Rider
  • Chapter 2 : The System of Motorcycle Control
  • Chapter 3 : Information, Observation and Anticipation

This first riding day will look at putting the System into practice in a variety of road and traffic situations, including Urban roads, Dual-Carriageways and Motorways, Rural roads and will look at dealing with Junctions, Roundabouts, Bends and Corners, Overtaking and Filtering, etc.

On-Road Half-Day Review and Recap

We will schedule a follow-up half-day on-road session at least a week after the first on-road day. The purpose of this session is to review how well you are applying the System and to put in place an action plan for ongoing self-learning, allowing you to continue to improve your riding without our instructor being present.


The cost for this course is £275.

To book, please email or call Paul on 07747 761059.