Advanced Riding Masterclass

This course is designed for riders who already have a good understanding of Motorcycle Roadcraft and the System of Motorcycle Control, so a pre-requisite for taking this course is either:

  • Completion of our Advanced Riding Foundation course to ERS standard
  • Completion of the DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme with a registered ERS Trainer
  • Hold an IAM Roadsmart Advanced Riding qualification
  • Hold a RoSPA Advanced Riding qualification (Bronze, Silver or Gold)

The course consists of 2.5 days riding in a variety of road and traffic situations with specific focus on perfecting the use of the System to common riding scenarios, as follows:

  • Busy urban environments, including overtaking and filtering, and slow-riding control
  • Rural environments, including dealing with bends and corners, and overtaking
  • Dual-carriageways and Motorways, including riding at high speed, advanced observation and planning

The 2 full days are split and arranged at least a week apart to allow for practice in between sessions. An additional half-day will be arranged at least a week after the second day for a final review and recap, and this will conclude with recommendations for ongoing development.

The following DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme modules are covered by this course:

  • Structured planned approach to riding (recap)
  • Defensive riding and hazard awareness (recap)
  • Slow control (recap)
  • Progress and use of speed (advanced)
  • Developing the correct rider attitude (advanced – focus on self-analysis techniques)
  • Bends and corners (advanced)
  • Overtaking and Filtering (advanced)
  • Dual-carriageways and Motorways (advanced)

At the end of this course, you will be equipped with all the skills and knowledge required to take your riding to RoSPA Gold / IAM Masters standard. Note that achieving these standards requires significant practice and cannot be expected to be achieved in just two days!

The cost of this 2.5day course is : £399

To book, please email or call Paul on 07747 761059.