Back to Biking

Have you had a break from riding and want to get back in the saddle?

Life has a habit of getting in the way of us enjoying ourselves. Sometimes, circumstances just conspire to keep us away from the joy of riding motorcycles. But deep down, the passion is still there, just waiting for the opportunity to re-ignite our love affair once more.

Whatever the reason for your enforced break from motorcycling, it’s likely that returning to riding will fill you with mixed emotions. Excitement at the prospect of re-discovering the sense of freedom and pure joy that comes from being on 2 wheels as you ride through the countryside, marvelling at the sights and smells that assault your senses in a way that only being on a bike allows. Trepidation, or even fear, at not being able to ride as well as you could before, or of dropping the bike.

This is where we can help.

We want to see you get back on 2 wheels safely, with even better control and confidence than before. We want to ensure that you can enjoy riding again, so you can share our passion for riding too!

What we offer is simple – Individual Personal Training tailored to meet your specific needs.

We offer this training in half-day/evening or full-day sessions on a 1:1 basis. No other trainees to be concerned about, just you and our highly qualified professional advanced riding instructor.

The day will most likely begin on an off-road training area, working on brushing up your slow-riding and machine control skills. We’ll have you performing perfect U-turns and walking-pace riding in no time! Following this we will head out on the road – through villages, towns and out into the countryside, working on road-riding skills using advanced riding techniques to help build your confidence further. All the time in radio contact with our instructor and taking regular breaks to discuss the finer details.

Before long, we will have you smiling so wide your face will hurt!

And the price for all this?

Just £99 for a half-day or evening session (3 hours) or £180 for a full day (6 hours).

Less than the price of a fancy exhaust end-can that will do nothing to improve your riding and a lot to annoy your neighbours. It’s a bargain!

Email us at or call us now on 07747 761059 to book your life-changing, life-affirming Back-to-Biking Individual Personal Training session now!

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