Movember – Paul as you’ve never seen him before!

This November, I’m going to be sacrificing the beard that has been part of my life for over 10 years. I first grew it when trekking in Nepal in 2003 – it seemed appropriate to try and look rugged and manly whilst wheezing up Kala Patthar for a view of Mt Everest!

When I returned sporting my new face fungus Tracy didn’t recognise me at the airport and horrified insisted I shave it off that very day. Which, being an obedient sort of chap, I duly did. Then when we were travelling round Europe in 2005 I grew it back, only to be further surprised when she complained when I shaved it off again (she said she’d got used to it and ‘quite like it’).

So when I said I wanted to join the Movember movement this year to raise awareness of men’s health issues and to try and raise money to help tackle issues such as Prostrate Cancer (which affects far too many men I care about) – and that this would involve losing the beard, she was horrified. But as always, she’s supporting me and has agreed to me shaving it off and growing a mustache as is the rules of Movember. She just won’t be kissing me for a month.

So please support us as we put ourselves through this difficult challenge. You can donate to my page using the link below:

For those attending Inner Circle Training’s Bike Night on Halloween, you will get to see the beard removal operation as I will be removing it live that evening.

If you’d like to join me in raising money for, and awareness about, men’s health issues, then please get in touch!

Movember Rules

Movember Rules

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