Looking To Get Your Motorcycle Licence

Here at Inner Circle Training we don’t just want to teach you to pass your test. We want to teach you the skills and knowledge that you need to enjoy your riding safely, no matter where you ride or what you ride.

If you are looking to obtain your full motorcycle licence (category A1, A2 or A) there are 3 stages:

  1. Complete a course of Compulsory Basic Training (CBT)
  2. Pass the Motorcycle Theory Test
  3. Pass the Motorcycle Practical Test – Module 1 and Module 2

We offer courses to help you through each of these stages:

Full details of our Direct Access course packages – the fastest route to your motorcycle licence – can be found here.

Interactive Tools

The following interactive tools will help you navigate the complex world of motorcycle licences!

The first tool helps you work out which licence category you can apply for, which is dependent on your age and riding experience.

Routes To Your License

The second tool will help you work out which of our Direct Access course packages are most suited to your needs, based on your riding and driving experience.

Which Is The Right Course For Me?

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