Ride Outs

Instructor-Led Ride-Outs

From March to October, usually on the 2nd Sunday of the month there is an instructor-led ride-out. As the name suggests, this is a group ride organised by and led by one of our instructors. The route will typically take in a mix of roads, but with the emphasis firmly on enjoyment – these are not training sessions! The instructor will not be there to assess your riding or to offer you riding tips. This is his/her day-off (!) and they are out to enjoy the ride as much they want you to!

We have a set of “ground rules” which you must follow if you join on of our ride-outs, see Ride-Out Ground Rules.

Typically our Ride Outs cover between 125 and 200 miles and get you out into the wonderful English (or Welsh) countryside. There will be brew-breaks and a lunch stop chosen for its location, food and friendliness to bikers.

Our Ride Outs are FREE and open to anyone with a bike – some are suitable for learner riders with CBTs, but not all, so it’s best to check if you don’t have a full licence yet.

For details of our Ride Outs, it’s best to subscribe to Events on our Facebook page (and “join” the event) – or see our Events Calendar.

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