Evening Classes

Bike Maintenance Evening Classes

These Evening Classes will teach you how to look after and perform basic servicing tasks on your motorcycle or scooter. During the evening we will be performing a basic service on one or more of our school bikes, so you get to see how these tasks are performed for real.

You are welcome to bring your own bike along and perform your own maintenance during the class, although you may have to wait for the tools in case the instructor is using them!

To book a place, call Tracy on 0161 914 7509 now!

Other Evening Classes

From time to time we will also organise other evening classes or “Masterclass” sessions, covering topics of interest. These include:

  • Filtering
  • Overtaking
  • Cornering
  • Travelling by motorcycle (including riding abroad)
  • Carrying a Pillion
  • Fixing punctures and other common road-side breakdowns
  • First-Aid for Bikers (First Bike on Scene) – Note this is a full day course, run by trained medical staff, and is aimed specifically at bikers. We will organise this course for groups of 10, please contact Tracy for more details.

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