Pass the Motorcycle Theory Test

The motorcycle theory test is a 2-part test that you take at a theory test centre. You can find your nearest test centre by clicking here.

The test checks your knowledge and understanding of:

  • The Highway Code
  • The Traffic Signs
  • The Essential Skills involved in Riding a Motorcycle

The tests are taken on a computer and you will not be able to take any personal items into the test room – lockers are provided for you to use.

The two parts of the test are taken one after another in a single sitting. The first part of the test is a series of multiple-choice questions, where you select the right answer(s) to the question from a list of possible answers. The questions are specifically aimed at motorcycle riders and so many differ from the questions used for car drivers. The second part of the test is a Hazard Perception test, where you are shown a series of video-clips of traffic situations and use a mouse-click to record when you have seen a hazard develop so you would need to change speed or direction. You score points for clicking as soon as the hazard develops with the points scored reducing the closer you get to the hazard before clicking.

You need to pass both parts of the Theory Test at the same sitting. If you fail either part you will need to wait 3 working days before you can try again, and you will need to take both parts of the test again.

For current test fees, see here.

Our Theory Test Evening Course

To help you prepare for your Theory Test, we run regular Theory Test Evening Courses. These courses cover how the test is structured, the Highway Code, Traffic Signs, the Essential Skills for Riding theory, Hazard Perception skills and common reasons for failing the test.

We will provide you with a list of resources for you to use to practice the test and can supply the relevant books for revision.

These courses are interactive and enjoyable social occasions, and will increase the probability of you passing your Theory Test first time! They are also a great opportunity to meet fellow learners and make new friends!


Here is a short video from the DVSA explaining how the test works:

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