KRTS Two-Wheeled Experience Course

‘Come on, have a go, you’ll love it!’

Designed for the complete novice, the Kawasaki Two Wheeled Experience will leave you wanting more.

This official Kawasaki training course is aimed at the complete novice and is designed to give you a taste of 2-wheels in a safe environment without the pressure of a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training).

You will spend 90 minutes at our dedicated training school in a safe off road environment with one of our qualified instructors. Once you are kitted out with safety equipment, you will be introduced to an automatic motorcycle and you’ll be shown how to accelerate, steer and brake. If you feel confident, and the instructor agrees, you’ll get to try out a geared bike too.

This time you’ll be shown how to balance the throttle and clutch and gear changing too. You can ask your instructor all about how to get a licence and they can explain the next stages to becoming a ‘biker’, or you can just walk away, with a massive grin on your face!

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