Getting Started

Learning to ride a motorcycle will change your life.

That’s a big claim, but one that we feel is totally justified. If you don’t believe us, give us a call and we will arrange for you to come and give it a go. We’ll even put you on a bike for free for a short taster so you can see for yourself just how great it really is.

Just be warned, once you’ve tried it, you won’t want to stop!

Whilst we offer free taster sessions, these are not aimed at teaching you to ride. All we will do is ensure you are safe and get you going and stopping. As soon as you have mastered that, we’ll get you off the bike and tell you all about the next step on the journey to becoming one of us. Part of the Inner Circle.

That first step is called Compulsory Basic Training, or CBT, and is a course of training you must complete in order to take to the roads unsupervised on a provisional licence, or to progress to learning on a bigger bike.

Compulsory Basic Training was introduced way back in 1990 to reduce accidents amongst new riders, something that it has been extremely successful at doing. The syllabus is set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and covers everything you need to know to start riding. It’s an intense course, covering lots of theory and plenty of practical exercises as well as 2 full hours on the road.

Once you’ve completed your Compulsory Basic Training, the next step is to progress to taking your full licence tests – both theory and practical. After which you will be able to take passengers (or pillions as we bikers call them!), ride on motorways and also ride abroad, which you cannot do on a provisional licence. The type of motorcycle you can ride on a full licence depends on your age and the type of motorcycle you took your practical test on – see our section on the Practical Tests for more information.

We deliver Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) courses and full licence (often referred to as Direct Access or DAS) training from our dedicated training centre in Stockport, Manchester, which is just 3 miles from the test centre at Bredbury.

Details of our courses can be found by following these links:

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