Like most training schools we get regular feedback from our students about how they felt about our courses, and some of their comments are reproduced below.

In addition, as members of the Motorcycle Industry Training Association (MCITA) and as part of our accreditation for the MCIAC award, we also provide details of all our students to an independent body who survey them for feedback. This feedback is used to ensure we are delivering on our promises and are meeting the expectations of our students. A few of the comments received from this independent survey are also included below – we have many, many more like these and would be happy to introduce you to past students if you want to ask them for their views directly!

Here are some reviews from our Facebook page:

  • 5 star review  Passed first time with these top people.

    thumb Dan Berry

    5 star review  Never ridden a bike ! Learning a new skill ! This is the place to go! Passed my cbt today ! Paul is an excellent instructor really felt he tailored the training to my pace ! Thank you !

    thumb Gareth Simpson

    5 star review  Can't really recommend Paul & The Inner Circle team enough. From start to finish the experience was a pleasure. From completing my CBT a month and a half ago until today, passing my full cat A bike test I loved every minute. Awesome school.

    thumb Jordan Stoddart
  • 5 star review  Passed first time with no faults on mod1 and mod2 thanks to inner circle training

    thumb Martin Charlie Edwards

    5 star review  Just done my CBT...Professional and fun too! Paul was ace! I'll be back for proper tests once I've got some more experience! Thanks guys! 🙂

    thumb Jonny Muckley

    5 star review  I passed first time thanks to great tuition from Nic with 3 fantastic days in the sun luckily. I got calming words from Paul on Mod 2 day which definitely helped. Top facilities and gear! Its nice learning on a quality bike. Would recommend to anyone!

    thumb Jamie Clark
  • 5 star review  I went from never having ridden on the road to a strong pass in my full bike licence in 2.5 weeks! Inner Circle taught me so well that every test was passed first time. I cannot praise them enough! Highly recommended!

    thumb Sam Greenland

    5 star review  Passed both parts of my test - with no faults at all on the mod 1 - really good tuition and the ability to be able to train on the test centre site an advantage. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into motorcycling

    thumb Mick Beattie

    5 star review  Top morning training with Paul. Relaxed, confident training, made me feel at ease and not like I was on a test. Thank you, highly recommend you to others.

    thumb Samantha Stretch
  • 5 star review  Passed all my tests first time round with these great firm to train with thanks again paul

    thumb Martin Prince

    5 star review  I was trained from my Cbt mid summer 2016 all the way through to the mod 2 test by inner circle back in September 2016. Both Paul Tracy and the people who look after you all the way through the process make it not only a challenge, because it really is - it's also an absolute pleasure to be with them. Since passing my test I keep in touch and meet with them when I can (dependant on work commitments) the way you are treated is welcoming when you do meet. Passing my bike test has been one of most enthralling things I have done. Thanks to you Paul and Tracy

    thumb Mark Jones

    5 star review  Absolute top-notch training and tuition provided by Paul at Inner Circle. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I would recommend Inner Circle to anybody else considering post-test assessments and development.

    thumb Zeki Al-Khishali
  • 5 star review  Amazing place Paul and the Team put u at ease from the min u walk through the door. Highly recommend from a rider who has been riding for several years went to sit the ERS course to become a blood biker cheers again Paul new member to your monthly bike meets also now lol

    thumb Alan Stockton

    5 star review  Really great set up, patient & I shud know that... Biker's @ heart.... ���

    thumb Mark Wrigley

    5 star review  Right from the initial enquiry phone call to Paul and Tracey through to the post test feedback with Nic the guys have been great, real professionals who gave clear instructions and raised safety concerns when needed, such friendly and knowledgeable instructors, a very enjoyable experience throughout. I never felt out of my depth and the Kawasaki bikes were a joy to ride. The pricing is very reasonable, I felt I got excellent value for money and the attention required to gain the full licence.....passing first time. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the school and Nic to others looking to take up training. Many thanks again for a wonderful experience !

    thumb Louis Godfrey
  • 5 star review  Hello, I just want to say how pleased I am!!!! I did my cbt training on Saturday and the instructor that I had was absolutely amazing I enjoyed the whole day!! And he made me feel safe he was clear with his communication and when I did things rite he gave me the feed back witch gave me self belief and raised my confidence so a really big thanks to inner circle and a massive thanks to my instructor ����

    thumb Guy Insight

    5 star review  Went to see the guys today for my mod 1 training and all I can say is thank you so much for being understanding and patient xxx highly recommended xx wait to do my DAS now 🙂

    thumb Sarah J Tiesteel

    5 star review  Obtained my full motorbike licences last Friday after completing the DAS course with Inner Circle. Can categorically say I loved every minute of the training. The instruction, environment, ethos and equipment with which the training is delivered is I'm sure second to none. They are experienced, friendly and patient, and will adapt the training to all levels and learning abilities. I would not hesitate in recommending these and will be taking further training from them in the future.

    thumb Marc Atko
  • 5 star review  Passed my Mod 2 this morning with zero faults - happy man! If you're thinking about doing motorcycle training or if you know anyone that wants to, whether CBT or advanced training, I 100% recommend Inner Circle Training. Top class training school and instructors. Thanks again Paul - as soon as my bike is finished I'll be on the next Inner Circle ride out with you!

    thumb Kevin Wilson

    5 star review  Brilliant training with a fantastic team. Great individual program that’s easy to follow with 100% results �

    thumb Rik Hopkinson

    5 star review  Really enjoyed learning to ride with Paul, great teacher and would recommend Inner Circle to anyone. Thanks.

    thumb James Bentley
  • 5 star review  Great Experience for all round. Would recommend to beginners and experienced riders alike.

    thumb Chris Jenkins

    5 star review  Very very happy with my CBT experience today. Many thanks to both Col and Paul for the amazing teaching and the chance for a first time motorcyclist like myself to gain some excellent experience. Would 100% recommend this school for anyone learning to ride a motorbike in a friendly and safe environment.

    thumb Faraz Ali

    5 star review  Passed my Full motorcycle license today with inner circle. Who took me from cbt all the way up to modular 1/2 standard. Great team would recommend to anyone who is looking to take that next step. Thanks again

    thumb Phil Edge
  • 5 star review  I have done both cbt and das with paul and i couldnt recommend inner circle more. Extremely helpful, polite, welcoming and experienced. The extra events make inner circle more of a community rather than just a training school which shows that its not all about getting ur money and moving on. Thanks for everything paul and tracy

    thumb Dean Murphy

    5 star review  I did a 3.5 day training course and loved it. I can't recommend Inner Circle enough. It was a fun experience and I learned such a lot. From the start I felt relaxed and had a laugh, passed first time. �

    thumb Mark Sugdon

    5 star review  Had an awesome time doing my CBT. 'Fell' in love with biking. Now for the modules!

    thumb Josh Masheder
  • 5 star review  Fantastic school to learn to ride with. Absolutely loved the training package, love the license cheers guys.

    thumb Sam Taylor

    5 star review  Paul is an excellent trainer and I really enjoyed doing my CBT with him - can't recommend him enough, he will teach you how to stay alive on a motorbike!

    thumb Ian Tomlinson

    5 star review  Today was the first time I have ever ridden a bike, a great experience and lots of fun! I finished the day with a good level of confidence, competence and the certificate, all thanks to the endless patience of the team ! �

    thumb Tim Stott

Paul Williams, one of our many success stories!

“Hi Paul

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to wish you and Tracy all the very best with your new venture .

Myself and Jo owe you a great debt of gratitude for helping to change our lives.

Nearly 2 years ago now I spent the day with you to complete my CBT and purchased a little Honda cbf 125 I spent the autumn and winter commuting to work before joining up with you again to start and complete my das training

Your training methods are second to none and delivered in a very understandable way with lots of patience you persist until your pupil gets it right and it sticks.

I Have been working part time for 3 months building my own sameday delivery company. Starting as a motorbike courier then introducing another bike and a van.

Well I quit my job last week and am now the proud Managing Director of ECS Emergency Courier Services.

None of this would have been possible without your training patience and sometimes more determination than I had to pass and get my license.”

Gareth Simpson, Extended CBT course

Never ridden a motorcycle before ! Course paced at my speed of learning so did a full day followed by a half day for the road ride !  Great training !

Simon Hayward, Standard CBT course

Perfect.  Fantastically run centre with patient, empathetic tutors.

Phil Cocker, Experienced Rider Direct Access Course (2.5 days)

The training I received was of a very high standard. the instructor ( Paul Beattie) was extremely professional polite and friendly… it is a school I am more than happy to recommend them to anybody who asks me where to go

Rob Carson, commenting on our Improve Your Riding course

“I passed my DAS in 2012. I then bought myself a bike. The bike was always going to be a hobby rather than for everyday travelling, so I knew I wanted to get the most out of my riding as possible and enjoy every minute.

That’s where the Advanced Course, lead by Paul Beattie comes in.

Paul took me for one of my DAS sessions and I knew we would get on well from the very start. I liked his style of teaching, and he has plenty of stories to tell. So when has asked me to consider the Advanced course, I knew it was something I wanted to do.

The course consisted of two “class room” sessions where the theory is covered, followed by a full day out on the bikes.

The theory sessions were very interesting and just made complete sense once Paul explained the systematic approach to Advanced riding. It enables the rider to ride better and more safely, whilst still making progress.

Paul’s relaxed yet informed approach makes the theory session very sociable and interesting, and he has plenty of anecdotes to make his point in a number of ways so that everyone can understand.

The practical day on the bike was great. We had all kinds of weather during the 140 mile route round the Peak District. Coffee stops, lunch stop, multiple road and traffic conditions, and Paul will take some video to help explain where improvements can be made.

I would fully recommend the course. My riding has improved a lot. I am much more confident in the corners; I can enter them on the right line, and accelerate out of them much earlier than I would have done previously.

Nobody can know it all, but after the course with Paul, I certainly know a lot more.”

Dan Pletan, also commenting on our Improve Your Riding course:

“I completed the advanced training course because like a lot of people out there I had just passed my test within a short time frame. Then being deemed safe and competent by my examiners I realised that there was still so much I had to learn to make sure that I was not only safe on the road based on the highway code, but also that I felt confident within myself and my own ability to ride the bike comfortably. I did some research and I found that the advanced course was the perfect stepping stone to start to develop my skills and general awareness as a newly qualified motorcycle rider. For anybody thinking about this course I can only offer positive reviews as that is all I gained from the experience. From the beginning to the end my understanding of my bike, roads, hazards, dealing with hazards and general awareness about my surroundings grew exponentially and would be impossible to quantify.
I decided to do this course with Paul because he taught me through my DAS scheme, and not only did I pass each stage first time but aside from this his tuition was attentive and informative from beginning to end and there was always a sense of him wanting to help and guide me to become a more skill full and safer rider and you could see him getting pleasure from seeing me develop and improve daily.
To conclude, the course I think is majorly important to new riders but also to riders who have potentially picked up bad habits or just generally want more information on becoming a smoother safer rider across the board. You will improve, that is a guarantee and lets face it, this is a  dangerous hobby and if everybody could improve even by a fraction of a percent surly thats good news for us all right?”

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