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When we decided to start Inner Circle Training, our first problem was finding a location that matched our ambitions for delivering the very highest quality instruction and for providing a suitable venue for our social events.

Then we found the old hat warehouse at Meyer Street in Shaw Heath, Stockport.

Situated less than 5 miles from the Bredbury test centre and with excellent transport links, we believe our site offers the best location in South Manchester for you to learn to ride a motorcycle.

Our dedicated Training Centre has fantastic facilities to ensure your experience of learning to ride is a great one. Operating 7 days a week and as the facilities are ours, we can use them whenever and for as long as we need to. We have a heated classroom with toilet and kitchen facilities as well as large off-road training areas. It is close to the test centre where you will take your module-1 and module-2 tests.

Off-road Training Areas

One of the key challenges for any motorcycle training centre is the availability of a suitable area on which we can practice riding in safety. We are very lucky as our site has a large secure yard that is ideal for new riders to get to grips with riding a motorcycle away from the restrictions of a school playground or car park. We can use the yard as we want, 7 days a week, setting up all the exercises required for completing your CBT or for the slow-speed practical motorcycle test module-1 manoeuvres.

Our yard is dedicated to the training school and is not shared by anyone else. It is also away from the main roads so you can practice in safety without being gawped at by passers-by!


At Stockport, we have taken the opportunity to build a warm classroom in the ground floor of the old hat warehouse, which is a great space in which to discuss riding theory or to relax and share a tale or two!

The large classroom contains:

  • a comfortable classroom with a large table and comfortable chairs where we can cover the requirements of Elements A and D of Compulsory Basic Training, or discuss detailed points about riding on the road
  • a “chill-out area” ideal for sitting and having a brew whilst relaxing and sharing a tale or two
  • all the classroom facilities you would expect, including large-screen TV, whiteboard, flip-charts and a projector and screen
  • a clothing area for our loan helmets and jackets and a rack of gloves for sale
  • a kitchen where you can make yourself (and your instructor!) a brew
  • a toilet where… we’ll leave that one to your imagination!

In addition to the classroom, we also have a reception area which provides a quiet place to discuss your training with Tracy or to admire the range of branded accessories from Bike-IT and Motul Oils, lubricants, etc.


In the second half of the ground floor or the warehouse at Stockport we have our Workshop and Bike Storage area. This is where we run our Bike Maintenance Evening Classes and where we maintain our bikes. It is also where we run the first part of Element B of the CBT (where we show you all the controls on the bike and discuss how you ensure your own machine is road-worthy) when it is raining, so you are not standing around in the rain (you’ll get wet enough when you’re out riding!).


All of these facilities are leased solely by Inner Circle Training and are for our – and your – exclusive use. No-one will interrupt your training and we don’t have to vacate the premises at a set time, meaning we can concentrate on providing you the very best training experience!

Bredbury Test Centre – Module 1 test area

In addition to our dedicated facilities, we also book the Motorcycle Manoeuvring Area at Bredbury Test Centre when available (usually at the weekend). This is where you will take your module-1 motorcycle test, so you will be able to practice the exercises in the same environment in which you will take your test!

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