Our Bikes

At Inner Circle, we recognise that the quality of your learning experience is dependent on the quality of equipment you use during your training.

We therefore only use late-model modern motorcycles and scooters. The sort of bikes we would be happy to own and use.

We also look after them as though they were our own. We wash them regularly and service them frequently.

From March 2017 we have been chosen to deliver the Kawasaki Rider Training Services (KRTS) and have invested in a new fleet comprising brand-new Kawasaki z650 DAS bikes (including one we’ve lowered by 30mm!) and KLX-125 bikes for CBT courses.

Full Licence bikes : Category A2 and A

For both category A2 and A licences, we use Kawsaki’s z650 motorcycles.

Kawasaki z650

In the words of Motorcycle News : “The all new Z650 builds on the success story of the now old ER-6n. The all-new bike uses a similar parallel 649cc 8v twin, which now meets Euro4 guidelines. However, that is where the similarities end. The 10kg lighter trellis frame is all new, as is the swing-arm which has a further weight saving of 2.7kg: overall the Zed is 17kg lighter. The reduction in weight and improved low to mid-range power makes the Z650 more enjoyable and easier to ride than its predecessor. A lower, thinner seat, lighter clutch with slipper action and dramatic styling make it more appealing than ever.”

The z650 is simply a lovely bike to ride and  a great bike to learn to ride on. With smooth low-down power they are not intimidating (yet more than capable of putting a smile on my face too!), they are equipped with ABS to make them even safer. We have fitted them with Kawasaki’s official school protection kit to protect them should they need a lie-down!

A2 licences

For riders aged 19-23, we can reduce the power to meet the category A2 licence requirements using an official KRTS restrictor. This restricts the throttle to only opening to 2/3rds of its range, so doesn’t really affect how the bike rides under normal (and test) conditions.

We have also lowered two of our z650s using a Lust Racing Lowering kit, reducing the seat height from the standard 790mm to just 760mm!

A1 licence and CBT bikes

For A1 licences (17-19 year old) and for those taking a course of Compulsory Basic Training, we have Kawasaki’s fantastic off-road styled KLX-125 as our geared bikes.

These lovely little bikes have 7.5 Kw (10bhp) and weigh just 113Kg, yet have a full 5-speed gearbox, disc brakes front and rear, electric start and fuel injection. They may look tall, but with a very narrow seat are actually quite small and suitable for most riders.

Twist-and-Go Scooters

After a lot of research, we decided to buy  a Nipponia Miro 125 scooter for riders looking to take their CBT or A1 licence, but not wanting to use a geared motorcycle.

These excellent scooters are made in China to European quality standards and are much better built than some Chinese scooters we have encountered. With a 4-stroke, 9bhp engine and weighing just 108Kg these stylish scooters are a joy to ride, both in the city and on the open road.

Mopeds and 50cc Scooters

For riders aged 16, we have a CPI Formula-R 50cc scooter, this bike has a nippy 2-stroke engine and whilst restricted to 45kph as required by law, it has enough punch to keep up with traffic around town. Not only that, but it looks great too!

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